Hello my name is Craig. I'm a 21 year old Amateur photographer from Australia, I have a passion to travel and a keen eye for detail. With nothing but a basic digital camera, I travel the world taking amazing pictures and will attempt to upload a new one every single day!


Day 45: Uluru.

[My friend won use of a camper van, so we road tripped to the Red Centre, Uluru! These photos are taken from my Iphone, so excuse the quality. It’s a rock that’s far more sensational than you could ever imagine, it took my breath away, I would never get sick of driving past such a majestic sight.] 

Day 44: San Francisco.

[Pictures from Alcatraz, Golden Gate Bridge and Grace Cathedral. One of my favourite three cities in the world. I can’t wait to go back!]

{apologies for the massive delay in updates}

Day 43: Hong Kong/Kowloon.

[Today is Hong Kong and mainland Kowloon! Included in the pictures are sights of the night time markets in Kowloon, Victoria peak mountain over-looking the smoggy Hong Kong skyline and the cable cars from Ocean Park theme park!]

Day 42: Shanghai. 

[I spent 3 weeks in Shanghai doing an introductory course to Chinese Law, some of these pictures are from behind my university (ECUPL- East China University of Political Science and Law) The others are of the Shanghai skyline from the famous Bund, and from the market places.]

Day 41: Beijing. 

[A very long time coming, Beijing with the beautiful forbidden city.]

Day 39: Dubrovnik.

[Dubrovnik, my favourite city on my trip in Eastern Europe this Easter! Although it wasn’t as sunny as I would have liked, the beautiful clear blue ocean, the iconic homes within the walled old town, the surreal coastline populated with a cornucopia of islands, and not to mention the amazing people I met made this place so memorable!]         

Day 38: Budapest. 

[Budapest, the first city on my trip in Eastern Europe. My hostel was in a back ally-way and I was the only guest. What could have been a horror film turned into a personal tour-guide who paid for everything. Thank you Jake, I had an amazing stay.]

Day 37: Schönbrunn Park, Vienna. 

[ My first day in Vienna, sensational! This park is incredible, my favourite part of Vienna.]

On the road

Hello all!

I apologise for not having updated my blog sooner! I am currently on the road, in fact I have spent the last 3 days in Budapest! I am travelling by train to Vienna in the morning. Until late April I will be unable to post new photos, however this means there will be many more new photos available to show of my current trip when I return to stoke-on-Trent. Expect a blog too!

You will see pictures and hear stories of Budapest, Vienna, Dubrovnik, Krakow, Frankfurt, Bilbao, Naples, Rome, and Offenburg!

Day 35: Eclectic. 

[I apologise for the delay in photos again. I’ve been incredibly busy planning my trip to Europe, and faced with a copious amount of deadlines! Today’s pictures are from around the globe; we have the Grand Canyon in Arizona, Venice Beach in Los Angeles, California and the Zumsteins within the Grampians mountain range in South-West Victoria, Australia.]

Day 34: Pink Lake.

[ A lake approximately 50km outside my home town in Western Victoria. The lake’s name originates from the algae found within the lake that during summer turns the lake a beautiful pink.] 

Day 33: Liverpool. 

[Pictures from my trip to Liverpool this weekend passed. I had an incredible time over the St. Patty’s Day weekend, these are just a few of the photos I took while being shown around by my very generous tour guide Jess. Thank you once again for letting me stay at your house and for showing me your beautiful city. The most memorable part would have to be the Lamb Bananas which you can see in one of the pictures above, scattered throughout the city! I wonder if the combination is actually tasty?

On a side note, I spent my first night in an authentic British home - well what I’d consider one, the Stereotypical ones, like you may see on Doctor Who. Yes, my English stereotypes are based of Doctor Who! And I felt like I was in an episode of one last weekend!]


Have just gotten back from Liverpool! I had a fantastic weekend and I believe I got some great shots! I’m also going to write a blog of the weekend that you’ll be able to access on my Tumblr in the next couple of days along with pictures which I’ll sort through soon! 

Once again, without sounding COMPLETELY needy, please follow my twitter #craighetravels, and pass it on to your friends… I have 1 follower - and hope to look a little bit more popular soon ;)